We are developers of bespoke Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, strategically located north of Brisbane. The company has a large satisfied multi-national client base.

With a very strong background in project management, we provide a fresh and innovative approach with a term we simply refer to as “Practical Project Management”. This approach has been built upon the current proven methods delivered under banners such as PMP, PMI, PRINCE2, Lean Six Sigma and a host of Agile approaches in order to provide a solution that meets our clients needs and delivers tangible benefits.

Our flexible approach allows us to maximise stakeholder engagement, ensuring that at every step on the journey our clients are informed, consulted and in a position to make meaningful decisions with a full understanding of the implications.

Our deep understanding of core project management methodologies allows us to build working models that consistently deliver success for our clients by removing procedural road-blocks, bottlenecks and constraints.

We are all about Project Management

Specifically we are all about the ability to manage your projects remotely providing you with the information and control necessary to ensure that the correct governance and structures are in place to provide meaningful and successful outcomes.

Does this mean we can guarantee a successful project delivery? No, because as professionals we know that there are always situations or challenges that can occur that can derail the best laid plans - however - we can guarantee that you will have at your finger-tips all the up-to-date information necessary to be able to make those critical decisions - potentially saving your organisations significant time and money.

How do we do this? We do this be ensuring all the key components for the successful managment of a project are in place - and - even more importantly - keeping those components up-to-date and relevant throughout the project. We call this Practical Project Management and is key to the success of our project management.