(Augmented Reality) ARmycar

Next Level Personal Mobile Marketing

Take advantage of todays:
– Faster mobile processing chip sets
– Highly engaged market to their mobile
– Power of Deep Data Collection &
– Virality of new mobile concepts

3D models for all mobile device interactions

What is ARmycar ?

All aspect views
High Resolution Renders
Fully Interactable 3D Modelling

You enter a car showroom looking for your next new car purchase… the salesperson narrows down your preferences and gives you a business card… with a QR code.

QRcode leads you to download ARmycar app to your phone, ipad, surface book… whatever mobile device.
At home you stand in your driveway, start the app, and point your mobile device at your home driveway… and instantly, a FULL SIZE virtual car appears on your screen… sitting in the space of your driveway.

You call everyone around you to check it out… and you start to:
– Walk around looking at every panel, every detail, in every window and every wheel nut and exhaust.

– Step into the car viewing every interior detail that will be there in a real car. Play with the radio, see your dash, check the upholstery, look over your shoulder out the back window.

– Select and view in real time, all the options that will personalise your taste: paint colour, trimmings, internal upgrades… endless variety

– Finally and most importantly, share on social media screen shots and video clips of the experience… spreading the word… peer to peer of your car brand preferences.

– Back in the showroom your final choices are saved to your customer profile for the salesman to follow up and close the sale on your next new car.

Beyond Future Sales & Marketing Data
Add rocket power to your management of your sales and marketing strategies and executions. Through ARmycar you will be able to measure:
1. Salespersons engagement times, locations, networking power, closure times, follow up techniques.
2. Market trends in real time: colour options, upgrade items, trim, radio stations, mag wheel preferences… even which order people prefer to make their choices
To cut a long story short… every click, every tilt, every device, every location, every share, every engagement… you will know… and produce trend reports…

REPORTS REPORTS REPORTS… mine that data to find the best, fastest, surest way to CLOSE YOUR SALES.