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We are all used to seeing artistic impressions of upcoming developments. Yet these remain artistic in quality and in usage. They are created as “stand-alone” artifacts, to be used once and put away.

Immersive VR with PBR (Physics Based Rendering)

With VATK, Jagged Studios provides a way of linking your engineering and architectural designs to; not an “artistic impression”, but rather a photo-realistic fully immersive “real world” view of your environment.

What are the impacts to your operational teams with the new design? Does the design mean you need to change your operational procedures with the associated costs? Getting your operational people engaged before the design is built can mitigate many operational risks.

Share Multiplayer Environments for simultaneous Multiple Shareholder Experiences
Construction/Manufacturing Team attending a shared VATK Meeting with Project Management

So VATK is more than just a pretty model. Its all about the data that can be obtained from within it and used by different areas of your business.

VATK leverages existing game technology to deliver a true multi-user environment that can be used repeatedly to record and track issues. Because it is built off of the actual design model you are able to pull up the actual technical information associated with the model.

On Site Mobility for multi-location, multi-user meetings
Scenarios based on AAA Game engine Path Finding Features

We can create scenarios not just for pedestrian traffic flow, but also for visualisations and operational guidance. Where do people move within an environment? In the event of an emergency where do people go? Can children or mobility impaired even see the emergency signs? What happens in a flood, fire, power outage, other natural disasters or a terrorism situation?

It’s also easily update-able. Design changes can also be quickly and easily updated within the model to ensure that you are able to keep up-to-date with the changes to the design.

High-Definition VATK Demo (224Mb)

It doesn’t matter where in the world any of your people are – they can all join the session to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the impact of your design decisions.

Users are able to tag items for discussion, create video or audio records, take photos and much more – all of which gets recorded and stored against the session for easy access afterwards and for storage in your document management system.

Forget the one-off artistic visualisation. Make an investment rather than an expenditure and use VATK to drive engagement, efficiencies and savings.

Low-Resolution VATK Demo (20Mb)